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This series of events was brought to you by the European Commission, UNEP, GLOBE and IEEP, to address the question:

"How research can best inform the transition to a green economy"

We hosted a series of events both in Brussels and Rio de Janeiro, and document the process on this blog. You can also find information on relevant projects, interviews with event participants, key messages developed at different events, and questions raised along the way.

Look at Our Events page to see how the events happened.

This series of events was lead by KNOSSOS, a project aimed at bridging the gap between science and policy, and funded by the EU 7th Framework Programme.

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Event 2 - Key Messages

At the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 13 June 2012 our second event was held with EU parliamentarians on a new green economy policy brief [PDF]. The parliamentarians gave the following key messages to the general role of research.

  1. Social and cultural importance in innovation should not be underestimated.
  2. More reliable data and assessments over an extended time period are needed in order to create, evaluate, and readjust policy.
  3. Macro assessments are needed to evaluate the impact of changes in business practices on reaching environmental goals.
  4. Both policy and research need a holistic approach which incorporates social, economic, and environmental factors.
  5. Need for better availability and access to modelling and projections that factor in future realities - like climate change or food security – to be able to provide responses.

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